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Cookie Charter

Like many websites, LINVOSGES websites may store or retrieve information from your browser, usually in the form of cookies. This information, which may concern your contact details, your browsing habits, your preferences or your terminal (computer, tablet, mobile device, etc.), enables us to tailor our sites to your expectations.

The purpose of a cookie is, among other things, to indicate that you have passed through the site you are visiting. Cookies are used by our sites in particular to improve the personalized service provided to you and to make the services and offers you receive more relevant.

You will find more information on the different uses of cookies below.

We remind you that, depending on your preferences, you can prevent the use of some or all of these cookies.


❖ What is a cookie?

Technically, a cookie is a computer file that can contain any information, including a session identifier, the pages of the site visited, the language of the conversation, information about your account, and so on.

These files are generally small in size. They are stored and read by your browser or by your terminal’s operating system (Windows, MacOs, Android, iOS, Linux etc.) or by an application that accesses the Internet (e.g. a mobile application on a smartphone).

A cookie has a name, a content and an expiration date.

They may have a very limited duration and disappear when you close the session (session cookie) or be stored for a lifetime, until they expire or until you delete them, if you so wish. Cookies enabling us to collect data relating to your browsing may be stored for a maximum of 13 months.

❖ First-party and third-party cookies

A “first-party” cookie (or simply a “standard” cookie) is initially deposited by the website visited by the Internet user. The cookies implemented by our company are “first party” cookies.

A “third-party” cookie is deposited or read when an Internet user browses a website that has integrated a technology from a different server; this technology uses a cookie owned by a domain other than the one on which the Internet user is browsing.

Our company may allow the use of third-party cookies in the course of its business. Only the person who placed the cookie can read the information recorded by the cookie.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that cookies are used to record information relating to browsing carried out using a browser on the terminal you are using: if several people use the same browser on the same terminal, the information collected and processed using cookies will include information relating to all users of the browser concerned. This may have an impact on the evaluation of preferences and centers of interest associated with the browser used.

A tracker is any technology that can be used to identify the same user at different times. Cookies, and in particular third-party cookies, are technologies that can be used to implement tracers. The server holding this cookie can then record the fact that a given page has been navigated from a browser that has previously navigated to another site and another page. The browser is thus identifiable, and the server that reads the cookie can associate it with a browsing history, which is recorded in a database and then analyzed.

Such a third-party cookie may well contain an identifier that enables a company to recognize the surfer, particularly if the surfer has an account on one of that company’s servers and has logged on to it from his or her browser. There are also other technologies for tracing, such as tracer pixels or tracer fingerprints.

For the sake of convenience, the term “cookies” used hereafter refers to all these technologies (cookies and tracers).

The use of cookies enables us to serve you better, to learn about your browsing history and to determine your likely centers of interest, in particular to offer you content that interests you more than others, or to recognize you, notably when you place an order on partner sites in a cash-back program.


The European General Data Protection Regulation and the French Data Protection Act require a site to inform you about its cookie implementation and management policy.

Cookies exempt from consent are those strictly necessary to provide a service expressly requested by the user.

For example, the following cookies do not require consent:

  • Session ID cookies, for the duration of a session, or persistent cookies limited to a few hours in certain cases;
  • Authentication cookies ;
  • Session cookies created by a media player ;
  • Load balancing session cookies;
  • Persistent cookies used to personalize the user interface (choice of language or presentation);
  • Shopping cart” cookies for an e-commerce site;

The cookies requiring your consent include :

  • Cookies related to advertising operations;
  • Cookies used by social networks, in particular those generated by social network sharing buttons when they collect personal data without the consent of the persons concerned;
  • Most audience measurement cookies.

Information on the use of cookies is provided to you by means of :

  • A headband displayed on the home page of our sites on your first visit, which informs you of the presence and purposes of the cookies used, the possibility of objecting to the processing implemented thanks to some of these cookies and of changing the cookie management settings of your browsers. This banner allows you to access the present information document, which informs you of our policy on cookies, and to accept the privacy and cookies policy. It informs you that continuing your browsing, clicking on another element or visiting another page of the site constitutes acceptance.
  • This information charter, which is accessible at all times during your visit to the Site, informs you of the possibility of configuring your browsers according to your preferences, with the exception of cookies required for the operation of the Site.


When you connect to our site, our company may install several types of cookies.

Cookies are used on our websites only in the cases provided for and authorized by the regulations in force and for the purposes described below:

  • The performance of a contract or the processing of your requests and orders
  • Compliance with a legal obligation
  • Your consent
  • The existence of a legitimate interest in processing data concerning you or in allowing our partners to process such data.

❖ Necessary cookies

Some cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our sites, in that they enable you to browse the site, by keeping track of your connection to your account or by allowing you to retain the contents of your basket when you change pages or even if you leave our website temporarily, and to select your products and validate your orders.

These purely functional cookies are necessary and do not require your consent, as without them the site would not function properly or at all. They can be placed on and read from your terminal without your consent and therefore without the need for you to provide any personal information.
wait for navigation to continue.

They are linked to the ergonomics or operation of our sites (shopping cart, account, language, newsletter management, saving your cookie preferences, etc.).

❖ Optional function cookies

Functional cookies are optional and are useful for optimized, improved and more ergonomic browsing of our website, for example by remembering some of your preferences or to enable our pages to be displayed more quickly.

They meet our legitimate interest.

This is the case with cookies and tracers for relaunching abandoned baskets, which enable us to come back to you when you have shown an interest in our products but have not completed the order process, to remind you that you have a basket waiting on our site that you can retrieve at any time and, if necessary, to offer you our services and provide you with any further explanations you may require.

Although your consent is not required for the use of these functional cookies, the law does allow you to object to processing based on legitimate interest. To do this, simply deactivate the cookies you do not wish to be processed, in one of the ways described below.

❖ Statistics, audience measurement and performance cookies

These analysis and audience measurement cookies enable us to understand how our visitors use our sites, to identify which pages are viewed most and least frequently, and how visitors discover us. They also count the number of visitors, the time spent by each visitor on the site, and the site’s search engines. These cookies enable us to optimize the site and ensure that each page is loaded and displayed optimally.

The analysis and audience measurement cookies used on our sites are third-party cookies that we have selected for specific purposes.

❖ Cookies for targeting and personalizing advertising on our sites and other applications

Cookies used for targeting and personalizing advertisements essentially enable us to build up a browsing history and deduce probable centers of interest from it.
the user, which we may match with identifiers or contact details, such as the user’s e-mail address, in order to present the user with offers of products, services and advertising that are likely to be relevant to the user, as well as content and advertising tailored to the user’s interests.

This can also be used to send a message to an Internet user who has started to fill his shopping cart on one of our sites, but has neither finalized his order nor emptied his cart.

They are also used to limit the frequency with which the same advertisement is displayed, and to measure the impact of an advertising campaign. Installed by FRANÇOISE SAGET or by partners in our advertising network, they enable us to offer you tailored advertising on other websites.
you visit.

Our company uses personalized advertising platform services.

Important information:
To find out more about how this information is used, or to change your settings in terms of personalized advertising offered by third parties, you can visit the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance website by clicking here.

Warning: Disabling targeting cookies does not disable ads. When you deactivate one or more trackers in this category, you will continue to see ads, but they will no longer be tailored to your behavior, but will be “generic” ads. The frequency of a
even advertising will not be restricted in this case.

❖ Cookies from social networks and third-party applications integrated into our site

LINVOSGES may offer you social network applications, which may implement cookies on our sites.

These functionalities use third-party cookies deposited directly by these services, which allow you to be identified.

Most of these cookies rely on tracking techniques to recognize the user (or the user’s browser).

We draw your attention to the fact that the social network may identify you through an application button, if you use it, but also if you do not use it during your visit to one of our sites, when a session on the social network has been opened in your browser. If you do not wish your browsing on one of our sites to be linked to your account on a social network, you can close your open sessions on the social network in question and delete the cookies deposited by the social network sites, before browsing our sites. We cannot control the process used by social networks to collect information relating to browsing on our sites, and we cannot control the process used by social networks to collect information relating to browsing on our sites.
associated with the personal data they have collected about you.

We recommend that you read the privacy policies of these social networks carefully, so that you are aware of the purposes for which they are used, in particular for advertising or for tracking browsing data by means of cookies placed by these social networks, how cookies and the information collected by these cookies are managed, and that you exercise your choices with the social networks, in particular by configuring your user accounts for each of these networks.

To manage your preferences regarding Facebook cookies, please refer to this page: https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/
To manage your preferences regarding Pinterest cookies, please refer to this page: https://policy.pinterest.com/fr/cookies
To manage your preferences regarding Instagram cookies, please refer to this page: https://help.instagram.com/1896641480634370

❖ Modification of cookies on our sites

The list of cookies used evolves constantly over time.


Cookies used to offer you personalized content generated directly by
our websites are kept for a maximum of 13 months.


❖ Cookie management according to your preferences and warning

You have the option of accepting or rejecting cookies in the following ways:

If unnecessary cookies do not match your preferences, or if you have any concerns about the use of cookies, you can modify your browser settings to block only certain types of cookies.

❖ Your browser configuration

You can set your browser to accept or reject the systematic or occasional deposit and storage of cookies on your terminal.

See your browser’s help or the following page for more information: https://www.cnil.fr/fr/cookies-les-outils-pour-les-maitriser


To globally control third-party cookies set by other sites or services for the purposes of targeted advertising and content, you can use the online platform offered by digital advertising professionals grouped within the European association EDAA and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France :


When you use the services of the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance to disable behavioral advertising on a given platform, this has an effect on all sites that implement the services of that platform. It also allows you to
disable trackers for all affiliated companies.

These deactivations are made by depositing cookies which register the fact that you do not wish to be tracked by a given company. So if you delete the corresponding cookies, your unsubscription from behavioral analysis programs will be lost and you will have to repeat the process if you want to unsubscribe again.

Finally, please note that this platform does not disable ads: when you disable a company’s trackers via this platform, you will continue to see ads offered through that company, but these will no longer be tailored to your behavioral analysis, but will be “generic” ads.


A plug-in is a complementary application software program which, in conjunction with a web browser, automatically takes action in the presence of a multimedia object, without the user having to intervene.

To disable most tracking cookies globally or only on certain sites, you can use browser plug-ins such as Ghostery, uBlock, disconnect and privacy badger.


We periodically update our cookie policy to take into account changes in legislation and our practices and the installation or deletion of new cookies.

In the event of a change to our policy, a new banner will be displayed when you log on after the update to our information document.


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