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Head office: 6 Place des Déportés
SIREN/SIRET 475 682 480 00193 R.C.S. EPINAL
VAT identification number: FR 39475682480


Our company may need to ask you for and process certain personal information about you as part of its distance selling and in-store sales activities, and as part of the service it provides to you.
Our company is committed to scrupulously respecting the trust you place in us and to ensuring the confidentiality and security of your personal data.

In accordance with the provisions of European regulations and French laws in force, this charter is designed to provide you with transparent information on the processing operations we carry out, as well as on your rights.

IMPORTANT: We use your personal data only in the cases authorized by the regulations in force and in compliance with your rights.

In any case, rest assured that your data will not be used against your will and that your individual rights will take precedence over our legitimate interests.

By communicating with you and using your personal information, we want to create a special relationship with you and maintain the link between us.


1 – Why have a charter on our personal data protection policy?

With this charter, we wish to inform you about the use of your personal information, which our company collects and processes for precise and determined purposes and always for legitimate purposes. It is complementary to the information we communicate to our customers and prospective customers when we collect information by mail, form or in-store.

2 – What is our role as Data Controller?

The law defines the person responsible for processing personal data as the person who defines and implements the processing. Our company is responsible for the processing carried out by or on behalf of LINVOSGES, in particular by its service providers and subcontractors, of the information it collects and processes concerning you. In this capacity, we define and supervise the processing carried out under our responsibility, taking appropriate measures. Our processing is limited solely to the personal data of customers and prospects, relevant and necessary for each of the purposes pursued, in the cases permitted by the regulations in force, which are :

– The performance of a contract or the processing of your requests (distance selling orders or in-store purchases, gifts, catalogs, etc.),
– Compliance with a legal obligation,
– Your consent to the processing of your data, and/or
– Our company has a legitimate interest in processing this data.

We ensure that these processing operations are carried out by :

– Selected and duly authorized personnel of our Company, or where applicable
– That of our service providers or partners, who subcontract on behalf of our Company, the technical services necessary for the implementation of these processing operations.

When we have recourse to subcontractors and service providers, we, as the Data Controller, are committed to strictly supervising their interventions, and select and require our subcontractors, service providers and partners to provide and guarantee an appropriate level of security, confidentiality, availability and protection of the information they access and process in order to perform the service we entrust to them.

3 – How can I contact our data protection officer?

LINVOSGES has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) with the competent authority, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL).

If you have any questions about the protection of your personal data, you can contact him at the following addresses:

– E-mail address: dpo@linvosges.com
– Postal address: LINVOSGES – Délégué à la Protection des Données – 6 Place des Déportés – 88440 GERARDMER.

4 – What kind of processing can be carried out on personal data?

Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, whether directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier (such as a name, an identification number (e.g. customer number, online identifier, customer account number) or any other personal element (such as an IP address, cookies, location data), or, as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation, by reference to one or more factors specific to his or her physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

In this respect, we would like to point out that our company does not process data relating to health, physical identity (with the exception of the size of clothing purchased), physiological, genetic, psychological, economic (with the exception of information enabling you to make payment for items purchased), cultural or social (with the exception of information we may collect on your interests and purchasing habits).

The person concerned by the processing of personal data is the person to whom the data relates.

Personal data is collected for one or more specific, explicit and legitimate purposes.

Processing of personal data is any operation or set of operations which may or may not be performed using automated processes, and which are applied to personal data or sets of personal data, such as, but not limited to, collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or modification, retrieval, consultation, use, segmentation, targeting or profiling, communication by transmission, dissemination or any other form of processing, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, segmentation, targeting or profiling, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or deletion.

5 – What categories of personal data do we process?

In the course of our relationship with you, LINVOSGES may collect and process personal information about you. They are necessary and/or useful and always in line with the purposes of the processing.

We have grouped them by category:

Civil status and contact data

Your identity and contact details enable us to contact you and are essential for the execution of the contract relating to your orders, or for the processing of your requests.

Your choices regarding commercial solicitations and prospecting enable us to get to know you and correspond with you according to your preferences.

This information enables us to write to you or call you when an order is placed, to deliver to you, to follow up on your order, or to answer your requests for information, as well as to maintain the link between you and us.

We ask for your age and date of birth so that we can get to know you better and offer you the best deals, and because we like to surprise you on your birthday.

Data relating to your purchases, participation in promotional offers and events, your other requests and/or which are deduced therefrom :

This includes your customer number and the history of your relationship with our company (orders, payment, delivery, incidents, participation in games and draws, information you communicate to us, etc.).

Financial data for payment of purchased products

This includes your outstandings, payment methods used, credit notes, payment facilities, overdue items and dunning notices. In order to prevent fraud, we may randomly consult the Banque de France’s national file of irregular checks (FNCI) for the purpose of fraud detection.

Connection and navigation data

This includes the date and time of your connections and browsing on our site, the IP address assigned to your terminal, the type and version of your terminal’s operating system, the browser used, the language, certain identifiers linked to the equipment you are using, the URLs visited and the URL of the page from which you came. Cookies can save you from having to fill in certain information when you log on again, and enable us, among other things, to present you with personalized content or to be able to prove your connection and your consents where applicable. You can set your browsers according to your preferences, and refuse certain cookies when they are not necessary for the service. For more details, click here.

And any other information you may wish to share with us.

Some of these data are added to those initially collected, depending on your interactions with our services, responses to our offers, information from our service providers and partners, or your preferences.

No collection of sensitive data

We do not collect any data that falls into one of the categories of sensitive data concerning you, such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, data relating to health or sexual orientation.

Should we receive such information, it will not be processed for our products and services.

6 – How do we collect them?

We collect the data you send us directly. We may also collect data about you indirectly, in the course of our business relationship and from our commercial partners.

We may collect data indirectly and automatically when you visit our sites or those of our partners, relating to your connection and navigation, through cookies or the use of standard Internet technologies, or that we assume by matching.

The information you provide

You may be asked to provide us with information about yourself during the various contacts we have with you.

Personal information about you may be collected by correspondence (order form, form, mail, etc.), on our Internet and mobile sites, by opening an account or during your browsing, via our partners’ sites, by your replies to our requests by advertising or commercial electronic mail (emailing), or even during a telephone call, in our stores, and from our commercial partners.

Data may be collected directly, when you enter the information yourself, or indirectly, when it is deduced from your browsing or purchasing behavior.

For example, when you contact our services or visit our website, you leave us information directly by answering questionnaires and forms, and in particular, on the occasion of :

– Create your customer account,
– Newsletter subscription,
– Catalog request,
– Placing an order by telephone or via our website and mobile site,
– Call or write to our customer service department,
– The submission of a notice or comment,
– Participation in a game or prize draw, etc.

It is indirect, when it is deduced from your purchasing habits, from your browsing on our sites or from our partners to whom you may have communicated certain information or who may have deduced it from your behavior.

Our questionnaires and forms tell you what is mandatory and what is not.

Les Données des mineurs

Orders from minors: Unemancipated minors may not place orders without the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Minors’ personal data: in accordance with European legislation, we are unable to process and store the personal data of minors under the age of 16.

Where the minor is under 16 years of age, processing is lawful only if consent is given jointly by the minor concerned and the holder(s) of parental authority over the minor.

If, despite all the care and precautions we take, the data of a minor is recorded by LINVOSGES by mistake or through the deception of the minor, and LINVOSGES cannot be certain of the date of birth entered, the minor has the right to request the deletion of the data concerning him or her, and his or her legal representative may request the deletion of the minor’s data at any time. We will proceed as soon as we receive the request and/or information.

Les Données relatives à third parties, which you communicate to us

o Delivery address

We offer you the service of having your order delivered to the address of your choice, which can be the address of a third party.

You will be asked to provide us with the name and address of a third party whom we will register, in connection with your identifications.

You must ensure that the person concerned accepts that you communicate their name and address to us, as well as any data you enter concerning them.

The dataées que nous sommes amenés à to collectèor indirectly, in order to offer you a wider range of products and services and to improve our services.

This processing is carried out when you interact with us. During each of your visits to our websites and mobile sites, we may collect information about your connections and browsing, using various technologies, unless you refuse according to your preferences.

o Data accessible through the use of cookies and other technologies used on the Internet

We have devoted specific developments to these technologies, and have grouped them together in a separate section of this charter.

For more details, please consult our cookies charter by clicking here.

The dataées que nous déduisons

Data concerning you may be deduced from the combination of information you provide us with anonymous information from general statistics, which enables us by supposition to deduce the products and content likely to better meet your tastes and correspond to your centers of interest.
For example, depending on your age group, we will deduce that a particular category of products is likely to be of interest to you, and we will present you with different, targeted promotional offers.

7 – For what purposes do we use your personal data?

Your information is valuable to us, as it is essential to the quality, customized and relevant service we aim to provide. Depending on its purpose, the processing may respond to a legal necessity or obligation, without which we would not be able to respond to your requests or provide the service, to a legitimate interest of our company and/or proceed from your consent:

– The performance of a contract or a legal obligation: in such cases, the information is essential to us;
– The pursuit of our company’s legitimate interests: information is processed unless you object, or if you have given your consent, your consent is withdrawn;
– Your consent: in this case, the use of information that is not essential is consented to by you, and you may withdraw your consent at any time;

For example, if you are not a customer of our company, but enter an e-mail address and agree to receive our offers, we will be pleased to send you our newsletter, informing you of our operations, offers and benefits.

In all cases, we take care to ensure an adequate level of protection and to limit the use made of your data to that which is relevant and necessary for the purpose in question, while respecting your rights.

Data collection and processingées personnelles nécessaires à theécution of a contract and/or the satisfaction of a legal obligation.égale

We need to collect and process certain personal information in order to manage your orders and requests, whether for products, catalogs or gifts, to register and manage your account opening and other requests for information, to confirm your purchases and to invoice you, follow up on your orders, make and track deliveries, manage any product returns, record and track your cash or due payments, manage payment incidents, follow up and collect unpaid invoices, and generally manage our customer relations in the best interests of our customers.
We may also process information in order to meet our legal and financial obligations.

Finally, it is necessary to process data concerning you, to enable you to exercise your rights, to take them into account and respond to you, and to ensure their effectiveness (access, modification, limitation, opposition, portability, deletion, provision in the event of death, etc.).

Collection and processing with your consent

Certain processing operations defined by law can only be carried out with your consent, which is why we collect and record it.

o Electronic marketing and prospecting operations

For example, if you are not already a customer, we will ask for your express consent to use your electronic contact details to send you offers or messages by e-mail, SMS or MMS, to target your preferences and habits according to your browsing habits, to communicate them to commercial partners, according to your customer profile, to make automated decisions, etc. We will also ask you to provide us with your personal data to enable us to send you offers or messages by e-mail, SMS or MMS.

In particular, electronic canvassing is based on your express consent to receive commercial, advertising or sponsorship offers at the e-mail address you provide.

An exception is made for existing customers, for whom consent is not required for the electronic offer of similar products. However, our customers will be able to object at any time to the prospecting, if they do not wish to do so.

o Operations and prospecting related to commercial partnerships

In the case of communication of your personal data to our partners to enable them to send you their offers or to contact you electronically, we will seek your express consent before transmitting your electronic contact details.

Apart from the use of electronic contact details, express prior consent is not required. We would like to inform you that you still have the option of objecting to communication to partners for purposes other than electronic communication, in accordance with current French legislation.

Conversely, when it is our partners who provide us with information about you which they have collected and which is in their files, enabling us to contact you in order to inform you about our company and our products, we ask our partners to provide us only with information concerning persons who have consented to receive advertising e-mails or, for non-electronic communication, persons who have not objected to communication with partners.

Where consent is compulsory, we ask you to express your consent either by clicking or by ticking the consent box on the collection medium.

Données recueillies et traitées conformément to intérêts léour society’s legitimateété

The processing of personal data is also justified, in accordance with regulations, by the legitimate interest of companies in carrying out certain legitimate processing operations for their commercial activity.

As a distance selling company marketing the items we produce, our legitimate interests are to :

– To let you know about our company by any means of communication, including electronic, under authorized conditions,
– Build loyalty among our customers and website users through our actions,
– Regular prospecting to promote our company’s products, by sending commercial, advertising and promotional offers by post, e-mail, asilage in parcels or partner messages, messages on cell phones or social networks and generally any other medium,
– Ensure the commercial success of our offers,
– Manage and remind you of your pending baskets,
– Receive and process your requests for information,
– Use existing techniques, processes and services to improve the distribution of our messages, in particular by bringing them into line with postal standards, validating and updating postal and electronic contact details, deduplicating and deduplicating, and enriching them if necessary (e.g. with telephone numbers),
– Receive reviews from our customers and site users, entrust a partner with the task of validating and certifying these reviews in accordance with existing standards, and publish them,
– Organize and offer participation in our games and draws,
– Expand our offer, giving you more personalized offers and benefits from our company and the business partners we carefully select for you,
– Get to know our target customers better and adapt our offers,
– To facilitate and improve your experience on our sites.

Processing for the purposes of statistical studies or satisfaction surveys is also in the legitimate interest of getting to know you better and providing you with offers and communications that correspond to your expectations and areas of interest.

Information about you may be used for automated decision making to assess your personal preferences or interests and to send you an offer likely to meet them. To do this, we use certain tracking technologies that implement this kind of automated decision-making (for example, marketing tests such as A/B testing, a technique we use to evaluate the performance of one or more partially or totally different versions of the same web page by comparing them with the original version, to see which one appeals to you more or has a greater commercial impact). This type of automated decision-making is in our legitimate interest.

Finally, we may process your data for statistical purposes and keep it for archiving purposes.

In all cases, we endeavour to limit the use made of data concerning you to that which is relevant and strictly necessary for the purpose pursued, and we give priority to your personal interests over our legitimate interests by allowing you to object to processing.

8 – Who receives the information we collect and who may have access to it through us?

The recipients of the data we collect about you are the authorized and designated departments of our company. Some of this data may also be transmitted to our subcontractors, service providers and partners.

Authorized personnelé our companyété

The information collected is primarily intended for use by LINVOSGES.

The employees of the company’s internal departments authorized to process your data are those of our customer service, marketing and sales, accounting, finance, management control and collections, IT and logistics departments, each of whom has access only to information relevant to the task entrusted to them.

This information may be processed by the shared services of companies in the MK DIRECT Group, to which LINVOSGES belongs.

Staff who may have access to personal data are bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Our service providers and subcontractors, and their personnel

Some processing operations are entrusted to service providers, technical partners or other subcontractors who are bound to LINVOSGES by contract. Personal data may be communicated to them in a secure manner, to enable them to carry out subcontracted tasks on our behalf. These include:

– Routing, shipping and delivery of goods by post, carrier or relay point,
– Technical services for address processing (standardization, deduplication, deduplication, updating, hosting, etc.),
– Printing,
– Emailing services,
– Securing payments and combating fraud,
– Certain after-sales service tasks,
– Re-launching baskets,
– Conducting satisfaction surveys and collecting and certifying customer reviews,
– Organizing competitions,
– Managing our sites and carrying out maintenance operations and technical developments,
– Analysis, statistics and audience measurement.

FNCI consultation

We carry out random checks on cheque payments in order to combat fraud for transactions carried out via LINVOSGES websites and mail-order sales media. To this end, we may consult the Banque de France’s national file of irregular cheques (FNCI) by providing it with the information on a cheque.

Hébergement et stockage des données

LINVOSGES is present in various countries, but your personal data is only stored on secure servers located in France, except for specific processing that may be entrusted to service providers likely to transfer part of the data outside the EU, in order to carry out the subcontracted operations for which they are responsible.

LINVOSGES requires its subcontractors and service providers to guarantee a sufficient level of security, confidentiality, availability and protection of personal data, as well as of the fundamental rights of the persons to whom such data relates.

We are bound by contracts with our subcontractors and service providers, where applicable applying standard contractual clauses (as published by the European Commission) concerning data flows outside the European Union initiated by subcontractors.

Our business partners and social networks

Unless you object, certain data concerning you, including your surname, first name and postal address, may be communicated to partners who may contact you by post to promote their products and/or services and for canvassing purposes.

If you have explicitly accepted, your electronic mail address (Email address) may be communicated to some of our commercial partners for the purpose of receiving their commercial offers by Email.

When you respond to commercial solicitations from our commercial partners (by sending them an order or request and/or by connecting to their sites and/or by visiting pages on their sites and/or by accepting their use of cookies and tracers, etc.), our partners’ confidentiality policies apply and we have no control over the processing of your data by our commercial partners.

Social networks (Facebook, Linkedin) may interact with our sites, particularly social networks to which you belong. In some cases, they may be able to access data about you that is accessible via our sites, in particular if you click on a share button or have previously logged on to a social network in your browser.

Other partners may also interact with our sites, in particular Google.
For more details on how Google uses data : How do we use the information collected via the sites or applications that use our services? – Privacy Policy and Terms of Use – Google

For more details, please click here.

Authorityés de police, administratives ou judiciaires

Information about you may also be communicated at the request of a police, judicial or administrative authority, in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations. They may be communicated in the context of a legal action concerning the use of personal data, in particular to justify compliance with our obligations.

9 – What are your rights?

In accordance with French legislation and European regulations, you have the right to access, rectify, delete (the right to be forgotten), limit the processing of your personal data, exercise your right to data portability, object to the processing of your personal data or withdraw your consent at any time.

The right of access

This right enables you to obtain knowledge or confirmation of any personal data concerning you that may have been processed by our company, and to request a copy of such data in accordance with the law.

The right of rectification

This right allows you to modify or have modified, or even delete, any information that may be obsolete, inaccurate, incomplete or inadequate.

The right to object à processing or to withdraw your consent exprès

This right allows you to request at any time that you no longer wish to be included in our file, or, at your request, to object to specific processing. For example, you may object to receiving commercial offers from partners (this may apply to a specific partner or to all partners).

We inform you that in the event of a request for total or partial deletion from our files of information concerning you, or of your opposition to its processing, we may keep it in our archives for the time necessary to satisfy our legal, accounting and/or fiscal obligations, or in a “repoussoir” file enabling us to manage your opposition.

When you exercise your right to object or unsubscribe from our newsletters, LINVOSGES takes the necessary steps to ensure that you are no longer a recipient of prospecting operations. However, due to technical delays in processing your objection, you may still receive messages from us. However, this will only be for the limited time necessary for us to technically process your objection or unsubscription.

The rights à to forget (or à erasure), à limitation and à portabilityéas well as the right to inform us of instructions concerning the fate of data after death

The right to erasure (or the right to be forgotten) allows you to request the deletion from our files of any information concerning you, except that which we must retain for legal and regulatory reasons, if applicable. It may not be immediately exercisable, particularly if there is an order, payment, delivery, return request in progress, dispute or commercial offer already scheduled. This can take up to 30 days.

The right to restrict processing allows you to request that processing be suspended or limited to certain data.

The right to portability is the right of an individual to have personal data transferred to you or to a third party, but only where this is technically possible and at the request of the person whose data is to be transferred.

You also have the right to give us instructions on what to do with your data after your death.

Les modalitéHow to exercise your rights

You can exercise your rights by contacting our company or the Data Protection Officer by post at LINVOSGES – Délégué à la Protection des Données – 6 Place des Déportés – 88400 GERARDMER, e-mail address: dpo@linvosges.com.

Please be assured that we are here to listen to you and we invite you to first contact our services and then, if necessary, the Data Protection Officer appointed by our company, in order to answer your questions and find the solution best suited to your request.

We may ask you to prove your identity in order to exercise some of your rights.

Right to lodge a complaint with a competent supervisory authority.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority and to take legal action. In France, the supervisory authority is the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), 3 Place de Fontenoy – TSA 80875 – 75334 Paris 07.

For more information, visit the CNIL website (www.cnil.fr), in particular https://www.cnil.fr/fr/les-droits-pour-maitriser-vos-donnees-personnelles.

10 – How are our offers and those of our partners addressed?

You can be informed of our offers by post, by our offers in the press and/or by telephone. You may also be informed by electronic communication from us (e-mail, SMS or MMS), when :
– You are already our customer and we offer you products similar to those previously supplied,
– Without being our customer, you have agreed to receive our offers at the e-mail address or cell phone number you have provided. You may object to receiving our offers or to prospecting at any time and without giving any reason:
– By e-mail to the Data Protection Officer: dpo@linvosges.com
– By going to your customer area (“Your account”)
– By post to : Linvosges – Responsable de Traitement – 6 place des déportés – BP30018 – 88401 Gérardmer cedex – France

11 – How can you oppose telephone prospecting by the Bloctel file?

You have been informed of the existence of a single file for opposition to technical canvassing, the BLOCTEL file, in which you can register the numbers for which you do not wish to receive telephone calls for canvassing purposes.

Please note that registration on the BLOCTEL list does not automatically unsubscribe you from companies to which you have directly communicated your telephone number. Thus, if you have registered with LINVOSGES and you no longer wish to be called by LINVOSGES for canvassing purposes, you will need to object directly to our company to any telephone canvassing.

12 – What precautions can you take to ensure the security of the account identifiers under your surveillance?

You must open a LINVOSGES account to place an order on www.linvosges-hotellerie.com/fr. When you open a LINVOSGES account, you must ensure the security of your user code and password, which are personal identifiers, and avoid passing them on to a third party.
While we leave it up to our customers to choose the passwords they wish to use, we encourage you to adopt complex passwords for protection and fraud prevention reasons, combining upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

It is your responsibility to keep your login and password confidential. Any action carried out from a session opened with your identifiers on one of our sites will be considered to have been carried out by you.

If you forget your passwords, we will send you a link by email to set a new password. This link will only be active for a limited time, the duration of which will be indicated in the email in question.

13 – How is payment security ensured?

For information on online payment and the other payment methods we offer, please consult our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

14 – How long do we keep personal data?

We keep your personal data for the time necessary for the operations and according to the purpose of the processing, until you object, request deletion, erasure or withdrawal of your consent, within the following limits:

– With regard to our customers’ information, for a period of 10 years following the successful completion of payment for the products purchased, delivery of the products if this is subsequent, or the return of the products in the context of retraction or the exercise of guarantees;
– For information on prospects and site visitors, for a period of 3 years after the last contact from the prospect (click on site, reply to message, catalog request, etc.).
– In the case of data generated by cookies and/or linked to your browsing, for a maximum period of 13 months.

15 – Can your data be processed outside the European Union?

Processing may be carried out outside the European Union by the service providers we use, as part of a subcontracting or joint processing relationship. In particular, the information we have collected and process may be transferred outside the European Union by the following service providers, for the operations listed below:

❖ Analysis: GOOGLE services, especially GOOGLE ANALYTICS

UNITED STATES – For more details :

❖ Verification and compliance of postal and e-mail addresses: EXPERIAN

For more details: Personal data Cookies

Other processing operations outside the European Union may be carried out for the purposes of services entrusted to our subcontractors by our company, for which we undertake to ensure an adequate level of protection equivalent to that required for processing operations in France.

16 – How is your data protected and what happens if your rights are violated?

We implement adequate and appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the confidentiality, availability and security of your personal data, in particular against unlawful use, disclosure and unlawful access to your information, loss of availability, integrity or confidentiality, accidental or unlawful destruction, and any action that may constitute a breach of your data.

In accordance with the RGPD, if as a result of an intrusion or error, a violation or loss of data presenting a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals is observed, the LINVOSGES company will inform the CNIL within 72 hours.

LINVOSGES will also inform, when the risk is high and as far as possible, the people whose data has been compromised.

16 – How do you keep abreast of changes to the charter?

We may modify this charter at any time and update it whenever necessary (particularly in the event of changes in legislation).

The charter is published in extracts on our forms and questionnaires, order forms, paper offers, as well as systematically on order and invoice confirmation forms, where our main commitments resulting from both the General Sales Conditions and the present charter are reminded.

We make it available to all distance selling customers and/or prospects (correspondence, websites and telephone) on the website or on request.

17 – Why and how do we use cookies?

We use cookies to serve you better and present below the privacy and security policy we follow when using cookies on our sites, while ensuring an adequate level of protection and confidentiality.

To consult our Cookies and Tracers policy in detail,
please click here


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