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Bed runner

Bed runner for hotels and professionals

An essential and indispensable decorative element in your bedroom, it adds a touch of fantasy to your bed linen.

Depending on your requirements, we can direct you to our range of finished products or to custom-made items.

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Bed runner


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French Velvet
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A selection of sophisticated hotel bed runners

To complete the decoration of a hotel room, the choice of bed runner is important. Far from being a detail, this accessory never goes unnoticed by your guests, because it is noticed upon entering the premises. In a hotel, the bed runner or bed scarf is the last piece placed on the duvet in place of the bedspread and is no less essential. Its use is rather decorative, but it can also serve as an additional layer for those who are more cautious, even if this is not the primary objective.
The aesthetics of the bed runner is an essential aspect. Indeed, its vocation is to add a touch of elegance and refinement to hotel rooms. In order to adapt to the decors and atmospheres of high-end hotels, we offer a wide choice of bed runners. Our models are both comfortable and elegant to satisfy the most demanding guests.

A variety of textures and colors for your bed runners

All our bed runners are designed with pleasant and aesthetic materials. Several options are possible. So you have many materials to choose from. A range of colors is offered to you. The bed runner must bring a zest of originality without denoting the overall decoration of the room. This is why we offer bright, solid, but also sober colors. This deliberate choice allows us to offer options for all hotels.
When it comes to fantasy, we opted for a wide choice of textures. Velvet, suede, fur, polyester are there to bring warmth and give character to your beds. The diversity of textures also allows it to fit into any type of decor. The quality of our materials is perfectly suited to professional use. Our manufacturing standards meet the requirements of hoteliers. Choosing a bed runner from our brand means choosing a comfortable and durable product.

Ideally sized hotel bed runners

Depending on the size of the bed, king, queen or double, the length of the bed runner must be adapted. Its width is generally 60cm but can change depending on aesthetic desires. To help you select the ideal sized bed runner, we offer several lengths. You will be able to find the perfect model for each of your rooms. The bed runner is deliberately small, because it is not intended to be used as a duvet. It is a decorative element, although sometimes some guests use it for additional comfort and warmth. Its size allows it to be installed easily and quickly.

The bed runner, the essential accessory

The bed runner is a real must in terms of aesthetics, a finish that you can match with your bed linen (pillowcases, duvet cover), your curtains and cushions. It always has its effect and allows you to finalize the design of your hotel rooms. The bed runner is often seen as a guarantee of comfort and is associated with luxury. Your guests will appreciate it.
We might be tempted to do without it, but the bed runner is essential. A well-made bed is always covered with the famous bed scarf delicately placed at the foot of the bed on a white duvet. It can also be used to add color to deliberately neutral interiors.

The bed runner that is both contemporary and classic

Our bed runners are suitable for contemporary or classic decorations. They blend into any decor and perfect the style of all types of hotels. Using a bed runner is always recommended, as it helps to impress your guests and give them a good impression. The bed runner is a luxury accessory. It is associated with the comfort offered by premium hotel rooms. This accessory also makes it possible to make places more welcoming and warm, whatever the atmosphere of the hotel. And, isn’t that the most important thing for your guests?


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