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customized bed

Decorative accessories adorn the bed to add a touch of elegance.

a personal touch to your white sheets.

With custom-made bedspreads, cushions, scarves and headboards, we create an atmosphere that’s just right for you. The upholstery collection features a wide range of plain, floral and geometric fabrics in sober or flashy tones, combined with a variety of textures to suit every style.

A wide range of products for bed dressing

To make your bedrooms unique, bed linen with accessories is a must. Cushions, bed runners, bedspreads, mattress covers… Linvosges offers a wide range of textiles to dress up your bedding. Cushions are that little touch of whimsy that can make all the difference to the atmosphere of your room. Square or rectangular, in large numbers or just two or three, in satin or silky velvet, they easily dress up a bed to make it welcoming.
The bed runner placed on top of the comforter or bedspread has also become an important element of decoration and comfort. This strip of fabric can be made in the same material as the cushions, or in a discreet white. It can be used to give your bedding a polished finish, or to warm up your guests on chilly nights.
Bedspreads add character to your bedroom, too. They can be colorful and cover the entire bed, or plain with rounded corners and decorative quilting. It serves both to protect bedding and to provide extra comfort at bedtime.
As for the bed itself, you can add a headboard to avoid damaging the wall with the rubbing of the frame, but also to dress up the bed. And for the perfect finish, choose a bedcover in the colors of your decor.

Materials and patterns for every style

Linvosges offers a wide range of finished products in a variety of colors and materials. For cushions, for example, you can choose from a range of shapes, plain or patterned fabrics, and removable or zippered finishes. There are also bi-material models that combine a velvet side quilted with geometric motifs with a smooth, plain reverse.
For bedspreads, you can choose from six trendy colors and an ethnic motif to suit every decorating style. You can use it in place of a comforter in summer for an authentic effect, or throw it on the bed to complete an immaculate white bed linen set. As for bed runners, they are also available in patterned, plain or bi-material fabrics to coordinate with the color of your walls or drapes and add the finishing touch to your decor.
Headboards come in a multitude of textiles and finishes. Whichever model you choose, you can choose from over 200 color and design references to match your every whim. But with made-to-measure bed linen, you can create the element that will make your decor unique.

Infinite possibilities thanks to customization

If you’re looking for a unique product, call on the Linvosges experts for made-to-measure bed linen. After listening to your needs and constraints, our home specialists will guide you towards the models that best suit your style. Thanks to its know-how combining tradition and modernity, our company is able to offer a made-to-measure service for all your household linen. For example, you can choose the finish of your cushions (piping, decorative button, wallet fastening…), as well as their size, colors and materials.
The same applies to bedspreads and bed runners: corners can be rounded, square or box-shaped, and quilting can have decorative quilting or a heavier or lighter wadding, depending on the fall you want.
As for the bed itself, the finished headboards come in three models: Eleo with its upholstered finish, Cadréo in the shape of a picture, and Sliméo for a simple, universal finish. You are free to choose the format and material, as well as the color of each element. And as for bed covers, they adapt perfectly to the bed frames they protect, making them a decorative element in their own right through elegant finishes such as hollow or tucked-in pleats, boxed corners, with or without a return on the top, higher or lower ruffles…

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