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The table

Table decorations for restaurants and professionals

We aim to whet your guests’ appetites by revealing the flavors of your dishes.

We offer a wide range of fabrics for demanding foodservice applications, in different textures and colors to match your restaurant’s interior design.

The choice of finish for your tablecloths, napkins, placemats… will definitely impose your style.

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The table


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Tableware, allies of your decoration

During its creation or renovation, decorating the tables in your restaurant gives character and soul to the place. There are a multitude of possibilities in the field of interior decoration, both in the choice of materials and colors. Whether it is a modern restaurant or rather a vintage style one, our experts are at your service to advise you, guide you, give you decorating ideas and create with you a unique atmosphere, in your image while taking into account interior design and layout of your restaurant.

From the decoration to the cuisine, including the quality of the service and the products produced, your restaurant must be thought out down to the smallest detail. In addition to offering quality cuisine, working with a trendy, original, warm decor allows you to stand out from other establishments. Using all the products from the world of tableware, beautiful tableware, glassware, cutlery, candle holders, tealight holders, tablecloths and napkins, helps trigger a real crush as soon as customers arrive inside of the restaurant.

Neat finishes for refined decor

Designed to enhance the decoration of your restaurant tables, the finishes of our tablecloths are refined, elegant and suitable for professional use. Like the preparation of a dish where each ingredient has its importance, the making of our napkins, placemats, tablecloths and table runners is meticulously taken care of, from the choice of topping to that of its finishing including the quality of the manufacturing.

The table linen from the Linvosges hotel collection is mainly made to measure to meet all desires and needs. Three standard finishes are offered on our site, simple hem, interior bias and mitred corners for an impeccable tip hang and an elegant style. On request, we can also create a bias at the edge by coordinating the color of the bias to that of the topping or by contrasting with an opposite tone for an original decorative touch on your restaurant tables. Other options include tone-on-tone punched edges for a chic and charming look or even fit and octagon finishes suitable for round tables for a more contemporary decor.


Topping, an additional decoration for your restaurant

Decorating the tables of a restaurant naturally involves selecting quality tableware, essential for showcasing your dishes, but also through the choice of toppings. Depending on the style of decor desired for your restaurant, you will choose the colors to match your walls, your furniture, your seats or even your plates.

The tables of gourmet restaurants will mostly be covered in white cotton, a color evoking purity and refinement traditionally used in high-end hotel and catering establishments, and a material resistant to professional laundry maintenance. Brasserie bars will opt for colored, plain, damask or gingham tablecloths or table runners made from polycotton or polyester for faster drying and easier ironing.

To reduce set-up time and leave pretty wooden tables visible in the breakfast room of your hotel restaurant, you will choose placemats. Made in colored coated metis or synthetic leather in trendy tones, the decorative aspect will be enhanced with a practical side provided by easy cleaning with a sponge. Finished with wide mitred corners with a tight satin stitch or openings on the hem stitching, they will bring extra charm and authenticity to your decoration.

For their part, table runners are ideal for tête-à-têtes, they also allow you to demarcate spaces on large brasserie tables, you can then alternate colors to create a rhythmic and original decor in your restaurant.


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