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Tailor-made for the professional.

A charming alternative to comforters.
They are colorful, plain or patterned, and can be quilted or quilted boutis-style.
Depending on your project, we’ll guide you towards a model from our range of finished products or a made-to-measure garment.

You select your plain, patterned or two-tone fabric to match the color of your walls and drapes.
You choose the finishes: rounded corners, squares, box shapes, box pleats or tucks, quilted with decorative stitching and heavier or lighter wadding.

Decoration Bedspread Finishing Rounded Corners Customized Linvosges Hospitality
Decoration Bedspread Box Shape Finish Customized Linvosges Hospitality
Bedspread Decoration Hollow Pleat Finish Custom Linvosges Hospitality
Decoration Bedspread Finishing Retractable Pleats Custom Linvosges Hospitality

Made-to-measure production in our workshop opens up an infinite number of possibilities. Our experts will help you make your choice.

A Custom Exceptional Bedspread

Our tailor-made service offers you endless possibilities to create a unique piece that will enhance the decor of every bedroom in your hotel. A vast selection of textiles, textures, colors, and finishes will allow you to create a bedspread that reflects your establishment’s image.
This charming piece that completes the bedding set is an asset for your guest rooms and lodgings. It will seduce your guests with its softness and chic, but also with its practical aspect.
The bedspread can be entirely created in your image. It can be a unique piece specific to your establishment. Indeed, every detail of the bedspread is customizable, from the fabric to the filling, including rounded or square corners, and all other finishes like the stitching. Our team’s support will help you make the right choice and obtain a product that meets your expectations in terms of quality and elegance.

Create the Perfect Bedspread

Like curtains, sheers, or pillows, the bedspread is an essential piece that adds refinement to your beds. In line with the decoration of your hotel rooms or lodgings, choose from quality fabrics that are perfectly adapted to the hotel environment.
Depending on the wall and floor colors and headboards, you can select a plain, two-tone, or patterned fabric. Our color palette is extensive, so it can match all types of interiors, from classic to contemporary. We offer a range of sober colors, including browns, blues, or grays, that match most curtains and walls. Moreover, for more colorful interiors, we have a range of patterned fabrics in pastel or flamboyant colors. The choice is wide enough so that all styles of hotels can find their account.
All finishes are customizable. Thus, you can opt for rounded corners, square corners, box-shaped, hollow, or inward folds. As for the top of the bedspread, we offer quilting with decorative stitching. For the filling, the wadding can be more or less thick, it is up to you to decide. The bedspread’s cover is made from materials such as polyester or cotton under different types of weaving. These materials allow creating good quality bedspreads with fabrics that breathe and evacuate excess heat.
Our bedspreads always look beautiful when placed on the beds of your hotels. Your guests will not fail to appreciate this element that is both decorative and practical.

A Bedspread to Bring Warmth

Comforter or bedspread, the choice is sometimes difficult. The comforter is a more neutral and sober element, just as suitable for hotels. Nevertheless, the bedspread is a customizable piece and represents an additional opportunity to give character to the bedrooms.
To create a warmer ambiance in the room, you can coordinate the bedspread with other textiles, including a throw on a sofa or cushion covers. The bedspread should not stand out, but it can add a touch of whimsy in the midst of the rest of the decor. Visually, the bedspread makes the bed warm. It also keeps your guests warm and ensures quality sleep. Paired with other decorative elements, the bedspread can help you create a convivial ambiance.

Ideal Dimensions for a Custom Bedspread

In terms of bed linen and accessories, each element plays a particular role. The bedspread is not only a decorative element, but it also serves to provide warmth to your guests. Thus, a bedspread must completely cover the bed. Thanks to our custom-made tailoring service, we can adapt to different bed sizes, king, queen, double, or single, for that, you just need to take your measurements and send them to us so that we can provide you with a quote before starting the making of bedspreads in the desired dimensions. We also offer standard sizes in our range of finished products.
Like bed linen, the bedspread must be cozy, to make your guests want to relax while enjoying pleasant warmth conducive to sleep.

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