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Professional bed linen without ironing is the preferred solution for hotel professionals who want to do without ironing. This type of bed linen is easy to care for and offers guests optimum comfort.

In the hotel collection, we offer a unique selection of professional quality, non-iron bed linen, including sheets, pillowcases, fitted sheets and comforter covers.

What is professional bed linen without ironing?

There are several types of professional bed linen without ironing. Synthetic fibers such as polyester or polycotton crease very little and are easier to iron, but pure cotton bed linen is more breathable, softer and more resistant.

All our non-iron bed linen ranges, whether in cotton or polycotton, are certified Oeko-tex ®️, a label guaranteeing that guests are offered linen free from substances harmful to health.

For what types of establishments is professional bed linen without ironing suitable?

Professional bed linen without ironing is suitable for all types of accommodation, including hotels, bed & breakfasts, gîtes, holiday homes and campsites.

It is also recommended for hotel professionals who maintain their linen in-house and don’t have sophisticated machines like a calender.

What are the advantages of professional bed linen without ironing for professionals?

Linen without ironing has several advantages:

  • Saves time: sheets, pillowcases and comforter covers are quicker and easier to care for, as ironing is no longer required.

  • Reduced costs in terms of personnel and electricity consumption An iron and a steam generator both consume a lot of energy. This energy-saving feature is also highly appreciated by environmentally conscious hoteliers, who can thus reduce their ecological impact.

  • Enhance the image of your establishment by presenting impeccable bed linen.

How to choose the right professional bed linen without ironing for your establishment?

There are several quality criteria to take into account when choosing a linen without ironing, such as :

  • The material,
  • the type of weave,
  • size,
  • resistance.

In the hotel collection, we offer 3 ranges of pure white cotton bed linen that require no ironing.

First and foremost, washed percaleThe process of pre-washing the fabric before it is made gives the cotton suppleness, softness and a matt, slightly crumpled look that is resolutely fashionable.

Then a washed satinwith a weave of the finest cotton yarns, combined with the same pre-wash technique for a velvety feel and subtly wrinkled finish on sheets, comforter covers and pillowcases.

Finally, a range of bed linen in percale seersucker whose relief brings a touch of originality and sobriety to the guest rooms. Seersucker is the result of a weaving technique in which different tensions are applied to produce a fabric that is both smooth on the bottom and embossed on the surface, with the advantage of being breathable and lightweight. Note that the sheet in this range is made of smooth cotton percale with a seersucker facing.

These bed linen ranges are offered exclusively in white, a traditional color in the hotel industry for its ease of care, but also because it evokes purity. but also because it evokes purity.

Another criterion is size. It is important to choose the right dimensions for each type of bedding to ensure a neat, impeccable finish.

Fabric shrinkage is anticipated at the time of manufacture, so bed linen items are delivered oversized to measure the correct size after decatizing and washing.

Standard size guide for bed linen *

Bed type

Fitted sheet

Flat sheet

Comforter cover

1 child




1 adult




2 persons




Queen size



240/220 or 260/240

King size



260/240 or 280/240

King size XL




*If you require a particular size, please contact us and we’ll give you a quote for a custom-made garment in our Gérardmer workshop, in the quality and dimensions of your choice.

How do you maintain and store your bed linen without ironing?

Here are a few tips on how to care for linen without ironing and optimize its life span

  1. The purpose of this is to remove the primer, give the bed linen its final size and provide flexibility.
  2. Before washing, it’s essential toidentify stains and treat them with a suitable stain remover.
  3. Wash at the temperature indicated on the label, avoiding overloading the machine drum and limiting the spin speed. This will allow the laundry to be washed thoroughly and avoid wrinkles.
  4. Air dry if possible, or tumble dry at the recommended temperature. After washing, it’s important to take the laundry out immediately to avoid wrinkles.
  5. If you notice marks from folding laundry when you make your beds, particularly on comforter covers and pillowcases, we recommend you use an ironer.
  6. Linen storage and tidying is also important for preserving the benefits of iron-free laundry. First of all, we advise you to keep a stock of 3 sets of bed linen, or 5 sets if you outsource maintenance to a laundry, to ensure a smooth turnover. Linen should then be stored by size, properly folded, in a dry place away from humidity and dust to limit the proliferation of dust mites.

Visit our cotton bed linen category to find comforter covers, pillowcases, sheets and fitted sheets from our white no-iron, Faro washed percale, Evora washed satin and Ecume seersucker percale ranges.

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