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tailor-made for the professional

Curtains add style to your interior. It can be plain, textured or colored, combining blackout, thermal and acoustic properties, or meeting FIREPROOF standards.
Made-to-measure to the dimensions you require, you can choose the finish of its head, foot and look to suit your aesthetic and practical needs.

Single-pleated head

A sober finish for an elegant look. Pleats are sewn at regular intervals, and adjustable clips are sewn to the back of the curtain to adjust the height and conceal the rod.


This head finish is suitable for the rail-track type rods you can find in our range.

Round pleat head

Also known as a loop head, this simple, sober finish is ideal for curtains made from lightweight fabrics requiring little or no handling. Installation is as easy as with an eyelet head, and gliding is totally silent.


To be mounted on a 28mm-diameter tubular bar, available in a range of colors in our rod range.


Upholstery pleat head

A classic curtain finish for a rich, refined look. The 2 pleats are sewn at regular intervals, with movable staples at the back to adjust the height and conceal the rod.


This curtain finish is suitable for track-type track rods.

Flemish pleat head

An elaborate finish to give your curtains fullness and volume. The 3 pleats are sewn at regular intervals, with movable staples at the back to adjust the height and conceal the rod.


This finish corresponds to railroad-type track rods.

Pull-out ruflette head

A practical finish that lets you adjust the gathering as you wish, to give the curtain more or less volume. Movable clips are fitted at the back to adjust the height and conceal the rod.


Suitable for use with railroad tracks.


25mm eyelet head

A timeless finish for a chic, modern result. You choose the color of the eyelets to match the color of the rod, walls, curtains and coordinating sheers.
8 eyelet colors to choose from: matte black, shiny brass, shiny nickel, gunmetal, matte nickel, old copper, old bronze, matte brass.


Suitable for rods
20mm tube

40mm eyelet head

This timeless finish offers a chic, modern result.
The silencer inserted inside the eyelet :
– Reduce friction noise.
– Make it easier for the curtain to slide over the rod.
– Protect the rod from scratches.
The color of the eyelets should be chosen according to the color of the rod, the curtains and any matching sheers. For an original decorative touch, be bold and use black lacquered eyelets on brightly-colored curtains. For a more sober look, opt for grommets in more classic tones, such as gunmetal, or as close as possible to the color of the curtain fabric and wall coverings.
12 eyelet colors available: lacquered white, lacquered cream, lacquered gray, lacquered linen, lacquered black, shiny brass, shiny nickel, gunmetal, matte nickel, old copper, old bronze, matte brass.


Suitable for rods
28mm tube type

Wave head

A contemporary finish for a sober, contemporary look and meticulous decoration. A gap of 8 cm between each of the track gliders is recommended for thick fabrics such as velvets and woollens. Movable staples are fitted to the back of the curtain head, leaving the rod visible, preferably on the ceiling.


This finish is suitable for wave system rods, available in white or black in our rod collection.

Base finish

The finish of the foot will give your curtains their signature look. From a simple 8 cm quilted hem to a weighted finish for greater fall, our experts can advise you on how to add a unique touch to your windows.
Standard finish:
– An 8cm hem is made across the entire width at the bottom to give your curtains hold, and weighted lead bars are sewn into each corner at the bottom left and right to weight the fabric and achieve a beautiful fall.
Optional finishing:
– A tight bourdon overlock is sewn across the entire width of the curtain edge. Our wide range of threads lets you choose a flashy, contrasting color for a bold look, or tone-on-tone for a more sober, streamlined look.

Curtains for hospitality professionals

In our Gérardmer workshop, the expertise and know-how of our seamstresses are at your disposal to create unique curtains that meet your decorating desires as well as the environmental and architectural constraints of your premises. The various curtain finishes and the vast range of fabrics offered in the Linvosges hotel decoration collection offer a wealth of possibilities.

Whether you want curtains for your hotel or restaurant with eyelets, single pleats or a wave head, you’ll find the right hanging system in our collection of professional curtain rods.

In addition to traditional finishes, we can also custom-make boat blinds, roller blinds and track-mounted Japanese panels in the fabric of your choice and to the dimensions of your windows. These different types of system offer the advantage of integrating into your spaces with a minimal footprint, thus preserving the volumes of your hotel rooms, B&B or restaurant. Here again, our experts’ professional eye will be a real asset in finding the ideal solution.

Curtains for your hotel

An essential part of your hotel’s decor, curtains can be adorned with colors, patterns and materials to set the mood in your rooms and inspire your guests. Whatever the desired style, our experts will help you select the fabrics best suited to your project, based on technical and aesthetic characteristics.

For optimum sleeping comfort in your hotel rooms, you’ll opt for intelligent curtains with a range of functions that blend in with your décor. To protect your guests from natural or artificial light, blackout curtains will be your allies. These will be made from a fabric that originally possessed this faculty, or, where appropriate, they will be embellished with a blackout lining. In the city, acoustic curtains insulate against outside noise, reducing nuisance by several decibels. In addition, a thermal lining sewn into the back of your curtains will protect your rooms from the heat in summer and the cold outside in winter.

Whatever your choice of curtains for your hotel decor, our experts use a professional laser meter to measure your windows. These meticulous measurements are essential for accurate costing, and for making curtains that fit your windows perfectly in height and width.

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