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custom-made rods for professionals

Whatever their style, rods are practical, functional and suitable for all types of installation. We offer a complete range of decorative and technical models to support and enhance your curtains, sheers, blinds and Japanese walls.

The curtain rod: an essential accessory for the comfort of your rooms

The curtain rod is the element that completes the style and comfort of your rooms: bedrooms, dining rooms and common areas… It can be used to hang your curtains and drapes and dress up your windows. It is therefore an integral part of interior design. In fact, curtains are indispensable for preserving privacy, filtering light and adding the finishing touch to the chosen decorating style thanks to their aesthetic appeal. To accompany them, the rods have a real aesthetic and functional mission.

Their main function is to hang your curtains. But they’re also perfect for highlighting them. They can be discreet, or on the contrary, they prefer to make themselves visible and show off their shape and colors. Depending on the rod, your curtains will undulate and move differently. In this way, they create a real atmosphere in your home. Choosing curtains with precision and style is important. However, choosing curtain rods also requires a great deal of attention.



A collection of classic and modern styles in a variety of finishes: brass wrought iron or electrolytic style with surface treatment for superior quality.

Tips for choosing the right curtain rods

First, consider the weight of your curtains. The rod must be strong enough if it is to support curtains made of thick velvet fabric, blackout curtains or any other heavy material. On the other hand, sheers or linen curtains, for example, are lighter fabrics. Thin rods can therefore be adopted for these materials. Finally, if you decide to opt for Venetian blinds or boat blinds, you’ll need suitable rods.

Next, to choose the right curtain rods, you need to consider the style of the room. A genuine decorating accessory, the rod comes in a variety of materials and colors. It must match the style you have assigned to your interior.

A final tip when choosing these accessories: measure your windows. It’s important to determine the length of your rods. We recommend adding between 15 and 20 centimetres to your window measurements to find the ideal length for your rods. However, this depends on the configuration of your rooms. That’s why our experts are at your disposal, in every case and for every project, to recommend the right type of rod for your space and take precise measurements of your windows using a laser meter.

A curtain rod to match your interior design

Tube-type rods are used to hang curtains and sheers with eyelet or loop-head finish, made to measure from our fabrics in the Linvosges hotel collection. Their superior quality is perfect for supporting heavy curtains, but they are also suitable for sheers. They have all the qualities to seduce you. For a minimalist, bohemian bedroom, the decorative rod is perfect for linen or cotton curtains. For a more baroque or industrial feel, velvet or satin blackout curtains are ideal on a tube rod.

Our classic or modern-style collection comes in various finishes: steel, wrought iron or brass and different cross-sections, from 16 to 28mm. Whichever style you choose, the finish is electrolytic with a protective varnish for excellent resistance and high quality.

Our range of 16mm diameter wrought-iron curtain rods is in line with current trends, with its simple, uncluttered design. Available in black or patinated steel, our wide choice of simple, sculpted or wrought end caps can be used to create sober atmospheres or with a touch of fantasy. The different brackets can be adapted to any configuration.

Décoration   Tringle à Rideau Ou Voilage Sur Mesure Linvosges Hôtellerie



  • Railroads of various sections.
    In stainless steel, gold or white lacquer.
    With or without print.
  • DS or KS profile, with or without wave system.


Tailor-made curtain poles for all interiors

The Linvosges hospitality rod collection includes aluminum rails to meet the technical constraints and requirements of professionals. With or without a pull, they can be used to hang sheers and blackout curtains with hook-head finishes, such as single pleat or prepleated. Railroads are adorned in gold, black or white lacquer. This means they can adapt to all interior design styles and trends. Equipped with a wave system, they further enhance the style of your rooms by giving fullness to sifting, darkening or sheer curtains.

For your boat blinds, our practical and aesthetic cassette blind mechanism is easy to handle thanks to its endless chain, which you can choose on the right or left, depending on your windows. It can be mounted on ceilings, walls or even directly on your windows by choosing the right support. The Velcro system sewn onto the awning and glued to the mechanism allows easy disassembly for washing or replacement with another model as the seasons change.

The multi-channel rod system for Japanese walls lets you create different decorative atmospheres by alternating up to 5 panels on a single mechanism. You can play with materials and colors to frame your windows, protect your spaces from the sun or create partitions in your dining rooms, reception halls or offices.

For fans of home automation and new technologies, we also offer motorized tracks, ideal for large widths. Motorized rods bring modernity to your hotels. They guarantee comfort of use in rooms thanks to a silent system. They can be operated by remote control or via a mobile app. On the other hand, motorized rails offer your customers a certain degree of autonomy. They are suitable for all types of curtains except thick fabrics. They can therefore be adopted in modern, Scandinavian-style rooms, in luxurious rooms, but also in baroque or vintage rooms.

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